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Quality control

Quality control and monitoring is based on the continuous deployment of the quality control matrix (QCM) allowing to visualise the project implementation progress and follow-up in a timely manner. QCM is based on milestones and indicators set in the application; the partners will be trained to use it on the first –°onsortium Meeting (CM) session (M3). QCM will be deployed by the Coordinator and Vice-Coordinator; in case of tracked or expected delays, or issues regarding the use of staff time, they will develop correcting actions in cooperation with leaders of relevant WPs and focal points in PCs (P5&11). In the event of major delays and/or problems with achieving the expected quality of outputs, the Coordinator and Vice-Coordinator will consult all the PIs, develop an action plan to mitigate the consequences, get it reviewed by the Steering Committee and approach EACEA for approval; any minor changes will be approved by the Steering Committee. Focal points in PCs will also oversee national organizational and reporting issues, and liaise with national Ministries of Education.

The Coordinator and Vice-Coordinator ensure peer-review of URGENT curricula & research framework, learning materials and comprehensive modules in cooperation with the external QA officer to be hired to oversee the functionality and overall consistency of the peer-review process, and to report her findings to CM. The success of curricula will be also monitored by self-evaluation exercises (including staff and student evaluations), by a course reviewer hired on a suggeswtion of the QA officer, and through all the regular national and institutional evaluation procedures (internal and external) are run as well. Syllabi and curricula will be submitted for review (and accreditation where applicable) to the relevant authorities in PCs. A project completion survey will be implemented by M35 to assess the exploitation of URGENT deliverables, propose final correction actions for their better sustainability and, if necessary, amendments to URGENT business plans; the survey will be overseen by the external QA officer.

The Coordinator, Vice-Coordinator and Steering Committee collect information about the project dissemination & exploitation (launching courses, PhD training, LMS deployment); the implementation progress will be tracked using QCM, while purpose and efficiency of mobility streams will be controlled through a dedicated online system: all the PIs will be requested to submit to it information about the envisaged mobility at least in 3 days before the start of travel arrangements, and if no objections are raised by the coordinator or vice-coordinator, PIs may continue with travel arrangements; within a month after completing the mobility the PIs will be requested to submit supporting documents, and to post in the system a brief overview of the achieved objectives.