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WP4: Development of governance and organisational arrangements

WP4.1: Establishment of sectoral collaborative platforms in each PC (M18)

The deliverable include:

  • Launched 2 URGENT stakeholder interaction platforms (SIPs) (tentatively) (M18); URGENT platforms will be co-funded by the broader (formal and informal) URGENT project partnership
  • The first draft of the proposals for the statutory document, development plan and operational guidelines circulated to PIs by M12; the advanced drafts circulated to PIs by M14 and approved by relevant PIs’ governance bodies by M17.

WP4.2: Development of arrangements for credit and physical mobility, sharing of experimental facilities, joint MSc & PhD supervision and research collaboration (M20)

The deliverable will include the regulation and operational guidelines for recognition of distantly gained ECTS, virtual mobility, for joint MSc and PhD research and supervision, and for shared access to research equipment and experimental (submitted for final approval M10) and the draft framework agreement between the PIs on the URGENT academic cooperation (submitted for signature by M10, signed by M12)

WP4.3: 3 seminars for administrators and stakeholders and other onsite events (M20)

The deliverables include:

  • 2 onsite seminars at P5, 11 on curriculum development and planning methodology and appropriate governance arrangements for mobility and joint research (36 learners belonging to PIs; by M7) (combined with WP2)
  • consulting visits by EU partners to all the URGENT partners in PCs during the WP implementation period (M5-20) (at least 12 streams EU=>PC; 48 learners belonging to PIs) (combined with WP2);
  • visits by PC participants to the EU (combined with WP2)