Urban Resilience and Adaptation for India and Mongolia:
curricula, capacity, ICT and stakeholder collaboration to support green & blue infrastructure and nature-based solutions




URGENT training at SKUAST-K

Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Kashmir is receiving the students of Pondicherry University for an intensive training "Exploring Urban Green Dynamics: Spatial, Floral and Ecological Perspectives" organised under the URGENT project.

URGENT Lecture Series

International open lecture on urban nature-based solution, green-blue infrastructure, and liveable city   .

URGENT winter school at the University of Pondicherry!

We are delighted to invite you to explore the dynamic world of urban resilience through the lens of cutting-edge spatial technologies. Our upcoming Summer School, titled "Spatial Technologies for Urban Resilience: Empowering India and Mongolia" (12-25 February 2024, Pondicherry, India)  is a unique opportunity for graduate students and PhD scholars to delve into the realms of Remote Sensing, GIS, mapping, and monitoring.

URGENT Lecture Series

Urban Green in City Development Plans Speakers Shri Lovelesh Sharma (National Institute of Urban Affairs) Dr Neeru Bansal (CEPT University) Join with Google Meet https://meet. google.

A new PhD position open to URGENTgraduates!

Estonina University of Life Sciences is opening a PhD position 'Ecosystem disservices in cultural landscapes: evaluation, monitoring and integration to spatial planning'. It is aiming to explore ecosystem diservices in urban environments, including in the locations of the URGENT project.

Consultation Workshop on Indian Stakeholder Interactive Platform

The consultation workshop (National Institute of Urban Affairs, New Delhi, 14 December 2022) aims at forming an effective national Stakeholder Interactive Platform (SIP) bringing different stakeholders for developing understanding, awareness and shared agendas.

Special Issue in Sustainability journal on URGENT topics

The Special Issue ""Frontiers in Ecosystem Services: Planning the Changing Urban Landscapes" (editors, Viviana Pappalardo, Daniele La Rosa, University of Catania, Italy) aims to cover the latest frontiers in managing ecosystem services to support real-life decision-making processes at the levels of spatial planning, urban policymaking, and urban landscape design, in light of current challenges faced by cities worldwide.

URGENT Partners

URGENT Partners URGENT Partners URGENT Partners