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PhD opportunity in Italy

  • by Admin
  • 2022-07-16
PhD opportunity in Italy
Dear Colleagues,
I would like to bring your attention to the new Call for Applications for the PHD Program “Evaluation and mitigation of urban and territorial Risks” that has been just published, offering 8 scholarships for the 3 years PHD program.
I believe it could be a nice opportunities for any student interested in the URGENT topics that would like to go for a PHD experience in Italy. Furthermore, it will be a concrete way to sustain the URGENT research program, even after the end of the Project.
I am attaching the call for application, plus you will find all information at the following page:
Please forward the call to your students and do not hesitate to contact me for any further information.
Thanks and best regards,
Daniele La Rosa, ph. d.
Associate Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning