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Inception seminar in Mongolia

  • by Admin
  • 2021-12-20

The inception seminar of the URGENT project has been virtually organized on 23 April 2021. In total, 28 participants from 5 organizations joined the seminar, and 12 presentations were introduced.
Several important topics, including the national management issue, course accreditation process, e-learning platform, e-course development, e-science, the partners' experience, and input to the project output have been discussed and agreed on several ways of efficient collaboration to the successful implementation of the project.
Most importantly, courses that will develop by Mongolian higher education institutes, will not overlap, all courses will be shared between partners to increase the impact of the project, and also to develop some open courses to enhance the number of audiences.
Entirely, this online seminar was very important and efficient to the successful implementation of the URGENT project.
Reported by Ochir ALTANSUKH, National University of Mongolia