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The training on Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

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  • 2021-06-21

The upcoming training on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) organised with joint efforts by the University of Bremen, University of Tartu, University of Catania, and University of Halle-Wittenberg. The training is part of the Erasmus+ Programme URGENT (Urban Resilience and Adaptation for India and Mongolia) and the Erasmus+ Programme MARE (Marine Coastal and Delta Sustainability for Southeast Asia). 

A three-day training is scheduled for June 30th – July 2nd (see agenda below) via the online platform Zoom.

The interactive training aims at introducing key aspects of “Information and Communications Technology” to the participants and will be delivered by the European partners of both the MARE and the URGENT project. The training contains theoretical input by lecturers, practical group exercises for the participants, and additional information and input from experts from the field of ICT. As part of the training, participants will be introduced to the topic of ICTs, their growing importance in society and academia, as well as will receive detailed and in-depth knowledge on important and popular ICT methodologies (e.g., Geo-Information Systems, Lecture Recordings, Web-based Learning Platforms, etc.).

Specific objectives of the training are to strengthen the capacities of participants and fellow project members, enhance cooperation between partners, and provide specific scientific knowledge and examples on describing, using, and understanding ICTs. A particular focus will lie on the rise of ICTs, in particular during the ongoing global pandemic and the lessons learned during this period.

We kindly invite you to confirm your institution's participation in this training by nominating participants from your institution. Prior to nomination, please take into account that the nominees should have:

  • the opportunity to communicate the training results to colleagues in the sector and beyond,

  • access to processes enabling changes in favor of the introduction of ICTs in practice or education,

  • understanding of the English language (no translation can be provided).

We kindly ask you to fill in the form, 2021, to register for participation. You will find a draft of the agenda below to familiarise yourself with the schedule and obtain an idea of the training proceedings. 

We are looking forward to fruitful training and remain at your disposal should you have any questions!


Training on Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

30 June – 02 July 2021


Time (CET)

Wednesday, June 30

Thursday, July 1

Friday, July 2


Opening and Welcome 

Overview and Introduction of Training and Participants

Opening Session

Recap and Overview of Day 2

Opening Session

Recap and Overview of Day 3



Introduction to ICT

- What is ICT

- ICT during the Pandemic

- Use of ICT

- Application of ICT

- Showcase of ICT Methods

ICT Tools and Methods

- Online Teaching & Recording Tools

- Moodle, E-Learning Platforms

- Geo-Information Systems (GIS)

Guest Lectures
ICT Experts

- E-Science

- Landscape Modelling

- Remote Sensing

- Others






Group Exercise

ICT Methodologies

Group Exercise

Geo-Information Systems

Expert/Guest Lectures



Group Exercise - Results

Plenary Session

Group Exercise - Results

Plenary Session

Open Platform

Participants showcasing their work related to ICT


Closing Session

Q&A, Outlook to Day 2

Closing Session

Q&A, Outlook to Day 3